Mission Statement

Regional Energy Security, Efficiency and Trade Program (RESET) was launched in November 2010 to help the six participating countries put in place the enabling conditions that will:

  • Re-establish economic dispatch in Central Asia;
  • Attract the least-cost investment needed to assure a base-line of energy & water security in each country; and
  • Increase profitable energy trading within the region and open new markets to South Asia and beyond.

The RESET project is the logical next phase to address the challenges confronting Central Asian Republics (CAR) and Afghanistan, and to complement other donor’s regional initiatives.

RESET will leverage skills and resources for capacity building by interweaving them with the ADB’s Central Asia Regional Economic Council’s (CAREC) sponsored studies & investment projects through its forums in order to achieve maximum joint leverage and effectiveness.

RESET will also interact and collaborate with other existing international and regional organizations and initiatives that focus on establishing / facilitating a power market or fostering increased cooperation on energy-water issues in Central Asia.

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