February Electronic Bulletin

Meetings of the CASA-1000 Joint Working Group and its Legal Subcommittee Held in Washington, D.C.

Meetings of the CASA-1000 Legal Subcommittee and the Joint Working Group were held in Washington, D.C., to prepare for the CASA-1000 Inter-Governmental Council (“IGC”) meeting scheduled for the following week in Washington. Dr. C. Thomas Breuer, Executive Director of the CASA-1000 Secretariat, and Mr. Lloyd Richardson, Special Counsel to the Secretariat led the meetings, while Tetra Tech’s Arlington office provided major support for logistics and venue planning.

Legal Subcommittee met 10-13 February to negotiate the language of the Master Agreement and the Foundation/model Power Purchase Agreement (“PPA”), during which significant pro-gress was made. The language of the PPA was agreed with limited issues reserved for further negotiation and the difference between the proposed prices of sellers and buyers was reduced, although a gap between the proposed prices still remains. They also agreed on the Standard Terms and Conditions of the Master Agreement and the language of the main body of the Mas-ter Agreement is in advanced discussions, with limited reservations concerning the Master Agreement.

The Joint Working Group met 14-15 February to continue negotiations on the Master Agree-ment and PPA and to make any other preparations needed for the IGC meeting to be held the following week.

The IGC Meeting will be hosted officially by Afghanistan. Dr. Tom Breuer worked closely with the Afghan team to assure timely conclusion of key activities, such as the dispatch of invi-tations, approvals of the agenda, and other required actions.

During the week of February 10 through February 14, Dr. Breuer also briefed Mr. Gordon Weynand and his group at USAID’s Office of Afghanistan and Pakistan Affairs concerning the project. He also worked with Ms. Carla Bock of the U.S. State Department to coordinate the participation of Deputy Assistant Secretary Fatima Sumar and Ambassador Robin Raphel in the IGC Meeting and related meetings during the following week.

CASA-1000 Inter-Governmental Council Holds Meetings in in Washington D.C.

Dr. Breuer and Mr. Ryaskov attended an IGC Pre-meeting on 17 February in Washington, D.C. in advance of the formal IGC meeting on 18 February. This meeting served two purposes:

  • To provide an opportunity for the newly arrived Deputy Prime Minister Davlatah Saidov of Tajikistan and Minister of Energy and Industry Osmonbek Artykbaev of the Kyrgyz Republic to continue power price negotiations with Additional Secretary of Water and Power Ajaz Khan of Pakistan and Deputy Finance Minister Mustafa Mastoor of Afghanistan.
  • To review the IGC meeting agenda, the draft Resolution prepared for the Ministers to sign at the IGC Meeting endorsing acceptance of the so-far-agreed contracting principles and language as reflected in the contract drafts appended thereto, and to discuss any other items of serious business among the four countries ahead of the open IGC meeting.

Dr. Breuer and Mr. Ryaskov attended the formal IGC Meeting on 18 February, during which presentations were given by Dr. Breuer, Mr. Joseph Mik of the International Finance Corporation, Mr. Sunil Khosla of the World Bank, and Mr. Lloyd Richardson, Special Counsel to the CASA-1000 Secretariat.

The meeting concluded with signing of the Resolution. The IGC representatives (the High Contracting Parties) signed the non-binding resolution indicating agreement in principle to the terms of the Foundation/model Power Purchase Agreement (“PPA”); initialed the PPA; and resolved to cause their respective national transmission companies (“NTCs”) to finalize the remaining PPA issues by 31 March 2014.  The resolution also recognized progress on terms of the Master Agreement and resolved to cause their respective NTCs to finalize its terms by 31 March 2014.

Dr. Breuer subsequently met with Deputy Assistant Secretary (“DAS”) Fatima Sumar, Ambassador Robin Raphel, Mr. Doug Walker, Ms. Carla Bock, and Mr. Alan Van Egmond of the U.S. State Department, Mr. Gordon Weynand, Mr. Jeffrey Humber, and Mr. Eric Rudenshiold of USAID, and Ms. Louise Walker of the UK Department for International Development (“DFID”), among others, to discuss results of the meetings and plan next steps:

  • To facilitate price negotiation
  • To encourage further donations
  • To deal with Uzbekistan

With respect to Uzbekistan, Dr. Breuer and DAS Sumar discussed possible ways to offer the Uzbeks some direct benefit from the project. These will be explored in meetings next month.

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