July Electronic Bulletin


U.S. Study Tour Follow Up
RESET, at the request of Mr. Bakhyt Bokenbaev, Chairman of the Board, Ministry of Industry and New Technologies’ JSC Institute of Energy and Energy Efficiency, helped to prepare a presentation for the Government of Kazakhstan on the results of RESET-sponsored U.S. study tour for senior managers of the Kazakhstan power sector. The study tour was conducted in June 2014, at the request of Mr. Bakhytzhan Dzhaksaliyev, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies (“MINT”).
In a meeting with RESET on July 24, 2014, study tour attendees selected two main topics for the presentation: fracing technologies and other issues related to the exploration and production of shale resources; and the legal and regulatory framework supporting the operations of the Energy Reliability Council of Texas (“ERCOT”).
Mr. Bokenbaev noted that shale oil and gas technologies critically changed the landscape of the evaluation and production of natural resources and are changing the entire approach to the planning for the financial future of Kazakhstan as a country whose economy is primarily based on the export of mineral resources. The direction that the development of shale resources in Kazakhstan will take in the near future is unclear but such development should be analyzed and included in the National Energy Development Strategy. 
Mr. Bokenbaev asked RESET to help select and translate slides from presentations delivered during the study tour to be used for the presentation to the Kazakh Government. He also told RESET that his staff is working with information received during the study tour to update the Kazakhstan approach to the development of electricity markets and requested RESET translate the documentation of legal and regulatory support of ERCOT operations.  RESET agreed to provide Mr. Bokenbaev with a list of the documents on this subject from which he can choose for translation. Assistance in their translation can then be discussed by MINT with USAID. 


Kyrgyz Energy Sector Information and Data Standards to be comply with IEC Standards
RESET provided further assistance to the Ministry of Energy and Industry of Kyrgyzstan (“MEI”) in the development and adoption of National Energy Sector Information System Development and Data Exchange Standards (the “Standards”) based on the International Electrotechnical Commission (“IEC”) standards. 
On July 16, 2014 RESET met with Mr. Almaz Asipjanov, Project Management Specialist/Mission Environmental Officer, USAID/Kyrgyz Republic, to discuss procurement of selected IEC Standards in English. RESET prepared and submitted to USAID a list of main standards of the IEC for electricity sector information systems inter-exchange to be purchased, translated and implemented in Kyrgyzstan. USAID agreed with the standards identified by RESET and the effort was strongly supported by other donors. 
RESET consultant Mr. Oleg Ryaskov researched and suggested contracting for the translation of the Standards with the Technormativ company that specializes in translation of technical documentation and international standards (ISO, IEC, EN). The company is based in Russia and has already provided its services to several international organizations.

1C Personnel System Demonstration Conducted for the State Property Management Fund
On July 14, 2014, the RESEST team met representatives of Kyrgyzstan’s State Property Management Fund (“SPMF”), including Mr. Kalmatov, Acting Chairman, Ms. Kayipova, Head of Legal Department and staff from the HR, Finance and IT Departments.  RESET in cooperation with 1C Moscow conducted a demonstration for the SPMF of the 1C Personnel Selection and Evaluation Information Software System. Mr. Pavel Kiselev, developer of the system attending remotely by video conference, described system improvements developed over the last several years.
The system now has more than 50 different psychological tests, including most of the international testing methodologies. Many of the tests were implemented and verified with participation of the scientists who developed those tests. This ensures that tests integrated in the system are used properly. Mr. Kiselev explained how to build balanced batteries of the tests to guarantee the deepest discovery of a candidate’s talents, demonstrated the main functions of the system and described the entire personnel selection and evaluation process using the software.
Demonstration attendees were presented with a detailed psychological portrait built on the test results and how it can be incorporated in knowledge evaluation results. During the demonstration, Mr. Kiselev answered the numerous SPMF questions related to the system, procedures and interpretations of the tests.
SPMF representatives and, particularly, Mr. Kalmatov were deeply impressed by the demonstration and requested RESET to expedite the process of delivery and installation of the system for on-site testing. RESET received the 1C personnel selection and evaluation software in late July and will work with the SPMF to install and start testing the software on August 1, 2014.  The testing will be conducted in parallel with the upcoming actual personnel selection process.
Accountants of Kyrgyz Transmission Company Improve Analytical Skills
The RESET team delivered training on Cash Flow Statement Analysis and Preparation for the Deputy Chief Accountant and branch accountants of NESK JSC.  On the first day of the training, a presentation was made on the structure of the Cash Flow Statement and the key points and rules of report preparation. The training was reinforced by numerous assignments involving real life examples of financial statements.
This training was especially developed to improve NESK’s reporting procedures and practices. The participants thanked RESET for the training and emphasized its usefulness, which raised interest in other trainings related to application of International Accounting Standards.


Barki Tajik Representatives Learn about KEGOC’s Experience in Use of AMR

On July 20-23, 2014, RESET arranged a study tour by Barki Tajik representatives to the Kazakhstan Electricity Grid Operating Company (“KEGOC”) in Astana, Kazakhstan, to learn morууe about automated meter reading (“AMR”) systems, the criteria for selection of a new system, and the AMR implementation process. The visit was a follow-up to a number of trainings previously conducted by RESET for Barki Tajik representatives.

During the trip, RESET, in collaboration with KEGOC and EnergoInform, provided Barki Tajik representatives with information related to lessons learned in the past and the current status of implementation of automated information systems in Kazakhstan. Visit attendees were able to see Energoinform’s training center, a fully automated substation near Kokshetau, and KEGOC’s offices with its new System and Market Operator Control Center.

At the training center, KEGOC, EnergoInform, RESET and Sigma Telas, a Lithuanian-Russian Joint Stock Company specializing in automation of energy facilities and systems, delivered presentations on the implementation and upgrade of projects related to Kazakhstan’s advanced metering infrastructure and supervisory control and data acquisition (“SCADA”) system.

RESET informed the Barki Tojik and KEGOC representatives about RESET’s work in Kyrgyzstan on energy IT system interexchange standards based on IEC standards.  KEGOC and EnergoInform representatives requested that RESET keep them apprised of its work and to share these standards and related documents with them.

ууSigma Telas representatives advised the seminar attendees of similar system interexchange standardization efforts in Russia. The process was begun in Russia in 2013 when companies who provide different AMR solutions in Russia were requested by the Russian standardization agency, Rosstandard, to develop system interexchange standards based on IEC standards.

RESET has prepared a list of core IEC standards that it proposes for implementation in the CAR.  KEGOC and EnergoInform expressed strong interest to the standards proposed by RESET for implementation. Based on the response received during the visit by all the parties involved, RESET agreed that it will recommend that USAID conduct a seminar on IEC system interexchange standards once the recommended standards are purchased and translated under RESET activities in Kyrgyzstan.


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